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Procrastination and Digression

I’m on track to finish editing two short stories this week.  Of course, I was supposed to have finished those stories and two others by the end of last week and that didn’t happen.

If there’s one thing I hate it’s revising and editing my stories.  Unless, I’m writing stories, and then I hate writing and would much rather be revising and editing.  Oh wait, the one thing that’s worse than either of those things is revising and editing based on a comment from an editor – I mean, really, don’t they know that I know the story is confusing and that was the whole point (-of-view).  If it is wrong to write a confusing story then why do we study James Joyce and Lewis Carroll in literature courses?

So what do I like about writing you ask, why do I do it?  It’s the blank page, it draws me like a magnet.  There’s nothing there, a void, an emptiness, and only I get to decide what the world looks like and what happens next.  It could be romance or action or comedy (but it’s probably going to be fantasy).  Of course, every word and sentence takes away my choices until at some point (usually fifteen or twenty pages in), there are these characters running around surprising me, doing things I did not intend for them to do (that’s when I kill them off and bring somebody else into the story, the true hero!).

But I digress, just like I digressed for the past two weeks while I was supposed to be revising four short stories.  I digressed with facebook, I digressed with America’s Got Talent and Doctor Who, I digressed with research into story markets (also known as “surfing”), I digressed with Facebook, I digressed with email, I even digressed with exercising (and that’s a new low!), I digressed with blogging on wordpress (yes, you’re reading it), and did I mention I spent too much time on Facebook (I think it’s an evil time-sucking demon inhabiting the internet, oh wait, I have to go check status updates!)

Where was I?  Oh yes, I will finish the two stories this week.  As you can see if you magnify the picture below, I bled heavily on this story, finally deciding to take the editors advice and change the point of view.  If anybody would like to try to decipher my scribble scrabble and revise the document in Word so I can be done with this story, I’ll gladly give up my first born child, or my second born, I’m not picky.

After I finish, I will look at my writing schedule for the next few weeks and figure out how to change it since I’m now several weeks behind.  I will probably think to myself:  “I bet I could double my output for one week and that would put me back on track.”

And then I will see the Bone omnibus I bought recently and think, “But if I really want to be good at writing, I need to read more!”


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