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DragonCon (Part 2)

Despite the troubles getting into DragonCon this year, I was able to catch several music groups playing there this year.  I particularly enjoyed Emerald Rose, a celtic folk rock band from Georgia.  They play a variety of music, including traditional celtic tunes and original songs (some of them in the so-called filk tradition, and if you don’t know what that is, you’ll have to look it up because it’s new to me too).

When I went to Amazon after DragonCon to buy download one of their albums (do you still call it an album when you download it?  the term album comes from a bound collection of LP’s), I saw another album that was on my wishlist (Mumford & Sons) and downloaded it as well.

Listening to both of these albums, I realized I had bought two folk rock albums.  While I’ve always had an eclectic taste in music, lately I have tended to listen more and more to acoustic music instead of the harder rock music that I used to gravitate toward.  This makes me wonder if my ears are getting older or if my musical taste buds have matured.

I looked back at the past year of downloads from Amazon and noticed that most of what I bought fell into four categories – praise and worship (like Aaron Keyes, Rita Springer, and Kutless), folk/acoustic music (see above), nostalgia purchases (like Huey Lewis, Greg Volz), and lastly musicals (Spring Awakening).

I was very glad to see the musical Spring Awakening on the list because it is most assuredly NOT for tired old ears.  I guess it’s ok for music tastes to change but I think it’s time to rotate some of the music on my phone.  Maybe I could find a celtic rock band that incorporates electric instruments.


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