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A Father’s Love

If you know me, you know I love being a Father.  There’s nothing about it that’s not interesting – emotionally, intellectually, physically, there’s always something new.  There are days when it’s easy and days when it’s not, and I have trouble remembering what I did with my time before I was a Father.

When my children were babies, it was my job to make sure they didn’t hurt themselves.  If they got too close to fire it was up to me to protect them.  As they grew, it was my job to teach them what would hurt them so they would stay safe without my interference.

Then my children got big enough for me to step back.  If they ge\ot on a stool to try and get something that’s just out of their reach, they would perch themselves on their tip-toes at the very edge of the stool.  In my mind, I could see the stool slipping out from under their feet and leaving them to fall flat on their face.  So my decision was to let them learn the lesson on their own, suffering a fall, or to hold the stool and keep them safe.  Sooner or later, I had to let them try on their own.  But I was always ready with open arms to hold them when they are hurt.

Then, as my children mature into adults, comes the hardest part of being a Father.  I have been faithful to them by loving them, teaching them, and always being there for them.  But I take another step back and see if they will be faithful to me.  What will they do when their plans fall apart and life does not go as they hoped or expected?  What will happen when they finally see what I meant when I told them over and over that life was not fair and never would be?

It is my hope that they will cling to the love and the lessons I have given them over the years, that they will be faithful to the heritage I have left for them.  And that no matter what, they know I am always waiting with my arms open, ready to scoop them up into the warm embrace of a Father’s love.


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