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The Meaning of Life

In chaos theory, there are systems where all variables are fully determined and yet the outcome is completely random.  This explains why we can only predict the weather about one week ahead of time.  I think it also explains a lot of things about my life and I know for certain that it explains a lot about some of the people who live in my house (not naming any names).

I didn’t really have anything to blog about this week because nothing much happened (which is to say, some things happened but the outcome, good or bad, is still to come).

So why am I posting?  One word – stats.  Wordpress shows me in graphic detail how many hits I get every day and I am obsessive compulsive about numbers, even to the point where I’m writing this post instead of working on the stupid novel (thanks to Eugie Foster I can’t think of it in any other way).

So now, I need something to write about.  First, this post needs a title, something that will catch people’s eyes and make them click on the link.  I’ve learned from my stats that DragonCon (Part 1) is a good title but A Father’s Love is a bad title.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been to a mega event in Atlanta recently, so I’m going to call it . . . .

(Now, here’s an existential thought: thanks to the magic of editing, you already know the title.  But as I write these words I don’t know the title yet.  Remember, time is wibbly wobbly.).

Where was I?  Oh yeah, The Meaning of Life.  I don’t make any claims to know the meaning of life, although my church has been doing a very interesting series on Ecclesiastes (there are free sermon downloads on the website, it is a depressing and enlightening book).

Now that I have a title that made you click on this post, I need to put in the first paragraph that made you read all the way down to here, this is called the hook.  I’m going to go do that now (you’ve actually already read it though; this is starting to give me a headache).

Chaos theory – who doesn’t love chaos theory?  It doesn’t really make any sense, only mathematicians and philosophers pretend to understand it, and Jeff Goldblum made it famous.

Speaking of Jurassic Park, Wayne Knight was in it and he was also in Seinfeld, which was a show about nothing, just like this post is about nothing, absolutely nothing.  Is that coincidence or is it evidence of chaos theory?  (I don’t really know, I gave up on math after calculus, but coincidence and evidence do rhyme).

One last thing for this post, I need some images that seem to have nothing to do with the title but at the end of the post, it all makes sense; except this is apparently a post about chaos theory so really any random picture will do.  I searched google images for “random” and grabbed two pictures (I put Chuck Norris up top because I liked it the best, doesn’t he just scream chaos theory?).  I don’t know what’s random about a lighthouse but it’s a nice picture anyway.

I think that putting the variables of David Tennant, Wayne Knight, and Chuck Norris together will lead to a pattern, but chaos theory says it will lead to randomness.

Thanks for reading, tune in next week and maybe I will be a little more coherent.


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