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Absence, Reflections, and Savannah

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted very much in the past month (or at least the two people who read this blog might have noticed, the rest of you aren’t reading this anyhow).

This absence has been partially intentional (but mostly laziness).  This blog is intended to be about the music and stories that I work on (with the occasional randomness thrown in for fun).  Since I haven’t been working too much on anything in the past few months I haven’t felt a need to post.

I’m trying to get back to writing and that includes posting every week (or every other week) on this blog.  Given the last few months of my life though, I think a few moments of reflection are necessary before I start moving forward again.  So here are some highlights in no particular order:

  • I quit my job – had no idea where I was going next but had to have something different that would let me be home with my kids.
  • I found a job – that let me be home with my kids.
  • I quit working on one novel – I had written a first draft of the first half but wasn’t sure where to go from there.  When I tried to re-read what I had written to see where I wanted to go, I kept falling asleep.
  • Both kids have been sick on and off for almost a month, so it’s a darn good thing I’m working at home now.
  • I sold a bunch of music equipment on ebay.
  • I bought a bunch of music equipment on ebay.
  • I missed a month of church because the kids were sick.  (Apparently, one of the sermons I missed was on not quiting, maybe I should download and listen to that one)
  • I went to Savannah for a long weekend with no kids.
  • In Savannah, I started jotting down notes for a new novel (I’m calling it the 2011 novel because I’m praying that 2011 will be the year I finally finish one).
  • I’ve been using these wonderful steps to flesh out my idea for a novel (but is it a novel idea?) –

Once the kids get over being sick, then I’m going to sit down and do some planning for next year to see what I want to get accomplished (which will be way too much) and how I will get there without quiting in the middle!  I will leave you with some pictures from Savannah – these are just some of the images that are helping inspire and inform the novel I’m planning.  (I’m no photographer, but I thought some of these were pretty good considering I was only using my phone).

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3 thoughts on “Absence, Reflections, and Savannah

  1. First rule of blogging – never apologize for not blogging. Just write ‘as if’ you’ve been doing it all along and if you happen to lapse a bit here and there, well, that’s just part of being hip, cool and creative.

    It has actually become a joke in the blogosphere – ‘the blog post about how I haven’t been blogging lately but promise not the let it happen again.’

    I totally understand about the starting and stopping thing around creating. And the selling and buying and selling and buying of equipment (photography in my case.)

    Sometimes relocation therapy really does work. Sounds like the visit to Savannah has inspired you.

    Here’s to a fantastic 2011 for all artists and creatives!

  2. I’m very partial to Savannah, even though I haven’t been there in years. You’re right, these are pretty good considering they’re taken from a phone. Enjoy your time with the kids, it goes by so very fast. 2011 should be a good year, or so I’m told! 🙂

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