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The Deep Faith

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (hereafter referred to as S, M, and A) were involved in one of the greatest miracles of the Old Testament in the Book of Daniel.  Most everyone who went to Sunday School knows the story of the three men being thrown into a fiery furnace (not a fireplace mind you, a furnace intended for execution and heated up seven times hotter than normal) and the Lord saves them.  Then the king acknowledges the power and authority of the one true God that the Israelites worship.

There is a deeper meaning to the story that tends to get skimmed over to get to the miracle.  S, M, and A were young men in exile from their home.  The Israelites had lost the war against Babylon and were under the subjugation of King Nebuchadnezzar II.  Yet these men were willing to stand up to the King in whatever small way they could.  They refused to bow down to his idols because they had faith in the one true God, never mind the fact that God hadn’t kept them from losing to Babylon!

When the three are sentenced to death, they tell the King that their God COULD save them if He wanted to.  They also tell the King that if God doesn’t save them, they STILL won’t bow down to His idols (of course, they’ll be dead, but still it’s the thought that counts).

This is the kind of faith I want to have.  It’s not dependent upon on what God does or doesn’t choose to do; we don’t even come close to comprehending God’s reasons or methods.  The faith of Daniel’s young friends is the deep faith that holds you through the fires of life and keeps your head held up no matter what.  You see, the important message from S, M, and A is that they refused to forsake their God.  The miracle is almost an afterthought.



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