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The Last Dragon

My short story, The Last Dragon, has been published at in the July 2010 issue (if you like this publication of family-friendly faith-based fantasy and speculative fiction, you can also friend them on facebook).

This story is the creative re-imagining of the Genesis story of the fall of man.  What does that mean, you ask?  It means I pulled apart the story in Genesis and rewrote it, attempting to stay faithful to the scripture but writing it in my own style.  That’s a lofty goal and I can only hope that it makes you, the reader, go back to the scriptures and re-read the story for yourself.

In approaching this story, I had always wondered what the snake looked like before the Lord cursed him to a life of crawling on his belly.  Obviously that meant the serpent had legs prior to the curse, but I didn’t think of this Father of Lies as being just a big lizard, it seemed to me that the curse from God would mean more if the serpent had wings and was no longer allowed to fly.  And of course, if you take  a snake and put legs and wings on it, you have a Dragon!

The other theme I pulled out from the scripture is the idea of the curse.  Adam and Eve would have had no concept of what that meant prior to God uttering the word.  It was a day full of new things for them as they adjusted to a the separation from God and learned that life would be lived in the struggle between God’s truth and the Serpent’s lies, just as we all live our lives today.


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