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The Littlest Dragon

My short story, The Littlest Dragon, has been published in the May/June 2010 issue of Anthrozine, a free online magazine.

This story began as a bedtime conversation with my son, who was about 4 at the time.  He was worried about dragons getting into the house.  I explained to him that dragons were solitary creatures who weren’t at all interested in our little home for humans.  This led to a brief discussion on the behavior and habits of dragon-kind.  All of which, I made up on the spot, but it seemed to satisfy the four year old that no dragons would be invading our house that night.

One of the last questions he asked me was what if there was a little dragon, smaller than all the others.  I told him maybe the two little dragons would team up against bigger dragons and thus the story was born.

Of course, there was a lot more to it than having an idea.  This story went through several rounds of editing before and after being submitted to the magazine.  I am grateful to Quentin Long, the editor at Anthrozine, for giving the story so much attention, and helping me turn out a good story.

One question, Mr. Long had the first time is why dragons would be eating cooked food instead of raw food.  My answer to that was simply that a creature made to breath fire would much prefer their meat cooked and so I brought out that detail in the story.

I had a great deal of difficulty with naming the dragons, Gorash started out as Gorah, but I was never happy with that.  I finally settled on giving each dragon a name that was connected with fire.  Thus there is ash in Gorash; Behain is based on Beltane; there is soot in Valsoot, and the Crown Drake is named after crown fire.


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